tallinnballet_ masterclasses


(version of 03.12.2021)
1. Tallinn International Ballet Masterclasses (TIBM), "masterclasses" are organized by the non-profit organization DX ART (hereinafter "organizers") in partnership with the Tallinn Ballet School.

2. Master classes are held in several groups, depending on age and level of the participants.

Tentative age and group level is announced at the beginning of the enrolment every year on the website www.tallinnballet.ee, and may be adjusted based on the actual number and level of the participants.

Candidates may request the participation in a particular group during the master classes, however, the final decision is made by the committee of pedagogues and is based on the evaluation of the candidate's video submitted in the application. The decision may be changed during the first days of the masterclasses causing the fee change.

On the basis of ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the master classes, as well as high number of applications, the organizers and the committee of pedagogues have the right to accept participants older or younger than the specified in the application age, as well as move participants between the groups, break up groups into smaller ones, and merge groups.

If a certain participant does not agree to participate in the group where he is assigned by the commission and the pedagogues, the organizing committee has the right to deny his participation in the masterclasses without refunding the registration fee.

3. The basic duration of the master-classes is 3 or 2 weeks depending on the group, exact dates for each year are published at the beginning of the enrolment on the website www.tallinnballet.ee

Organizers may consider the participation of a candidate in a program of individually outlined duration. Also, participation exclusively in classic dance lessons can be considered in case there are openings available.


4. The cost of participation is published at the beginning of the enrolment on the website www.tallinnballet.ee
By the decision of the organizers, discounts may apply.
The price includes only training according to the outlined program;
The price does NOT include: accommodation, meals, cultural programme, all transportation and other expenses.


5. In order to participate in the master classes, you must send an application online through the form on the website www.tallinnballet.ee no later than by the date indicated on the website or while there are available places. Application deadline may be extended.

6. Upon submitting the application, the candidate is obligated to pay a non-refundable registration fee in the amount of 100 euros. Payment of the fee in time is a prerequisite for the participation in masterclasses and a guarantee of a place in the group. The fee is non refundable in case of cancellation of the participation in the master classes for any reason.

6.1 Prior to the payment of the registration fee of a minor participant his parent is obliged to send a scanned copy of his consent to the child's participation in the masterclasses. The parental consent sample can be downloaded from here to print out, fill in and scan. Original parental consent in paper mode should be carried by the minor and handed to the organizing committee at the registration on his arrival day.

6.2 The registration fee must be paid within 7 calendar days from the date of submitting the application by international bank transfer in euros or in other ways agreed with the organizers.

Company details for the bank transfer:
Beneficiary Name: DX ART MTU
Beneficiary Bank: SWEDBANK AS
IBAN: EE212200221056299055

7. All bank commissions of the payments made to the organizers are covered by the participant.

8. By the date indicated on the website www.tallinnballet.ee or by another date agreed with the organizers the remaining part of the participation fee must be paid (the cost of the workshops excluded already paid 100 eur). Candidates who have not paid the full fee by this date are not allowed to participate in master classes.

9. Applications of the minors should be submitted by their parents or guardians. They are also obliged to fill in the parental consent which allows their minors to participate in the masterclasses.


10. In case of cancellation of participation in the master classes for a valid reason, you must immediately notify the organizers by e-mail info@tallinnballet.ee, attach a copy of the relevant document or certificate.

If notified 31 days prior to the first day of the basic programme, a return of 100% of the paid amount is possible excluding the registration fee and banking commissions. If notified 15-30 days prior to the first day of the basic programme, a return of 70% of the paid amount is possible excluding the registration fee nad banking commissions. If notified 8-14 days prior to the first day of the basic programme, 50% of the paid amount is returned, excluding the registration fee and banking commissions. If notified 1-7 days prior to the first day of the basic programme, 20% of the paid amount is returned, excluding the registration fee and banking commissions. Upon notification on the first day of the basic programme and later, the paid amount is non refundable.


11. The detailed program, names of teachers and other relevant information about the master classes are available on the website www.tallinnballet.ee and will be sent to the participants to the email address specified in the registration form. The organizers have the right to make changes to the program and teaching staff, without notifying the participants about it.

12. Upon the completion of the master classes, one or several gala concerts featuring all the participants are planned in Tallinn and/or one of other Estonian cities. The gala concert presents a chance for the participants to show their learning outcomes. Participation in the concerts is included into the participation fee. Information on the number and site of the gala concerts will be published on the website www.tallinnballet.ee

The tickets to the concerts will be on sale. Every participant is getting one (one-person) ticket to each concert for free. Others wishing to see the concerts are to purchase the tickets on the web-site www.piletilevi.ee or on the spot.

13. During the master classes programme, organization of individual classes with the teachers is possible. Those who wish to have individual sessions should contact the organizers. Availability of specific teachers for such individual classes and the cost of such classes is negotiated individually.

14.The working languages of the workshops are Estonian, Russian, English. If the participant does not speak one of the above mentioned languages, the organizers can assist in finding a translator for an additional fee.

15. Participants must have the necessary rehearsal clothing with them . More detailed information on the necessary dress code and requirements will be sent to the participants at least a month prior to the start of the workshops.

16. Before the beginning of the first week of the master classes, all participants regardless of the chosen programme will receive detailed information, the precise information about master classes and further instructions.


17. Accommodation is not included in the price of the workshops and is paid separately. The organizers assist in organizing most suitable accommodation options for the period of master classes. The options are, a student dormitory for an additional place or a hotel. The number of places is limited. The number of places (rooms) is limited, therefore those participants interested in accommodation should contact the organizers at the earliest convenience.

In the hostel, an adult representative of the organizers stays together with the participants. Minor (under 18 years old) children can live with the accompanying adult. The cost of stay in the hostel is published on the website www.tallinnballet.ee

Upon confirmation of the reservation, it is possible to cancel it without penalty 7 days prior to check in. Later it is impossible either to cancel or to change the reservation and 100% of the amount must be paid.

18. Meals are not included in the price of the workshops and are paid separately. The organizers assist in organizing lunches in one of the rooms of the Tallinn Ballet School. It is possible to reserve meals not later than 7 days prior to the first day of the studies. Participants must inform the organizers of any allergies or other health problems and dietary habits at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the workshops.

Extra lunches are possible to order by a day preceding the lunch at latest.


19. Participants must take care of their medical insurance on their own, as well as notify the organizers about the type of their insurance before the start of the master classes.

The participant is obliged to have the health insurance information with him/her at all times. Citizens of EU countries must always carry the European Health Insurance Card (European Health Insurance Card, La carte européenne d'assurance maladie, Euroopa ravikindlustuskaart), if they have one. In the absence of insurance, the participant must take care of all necessary expenses for the medical treatment during master classes. In the event of an accident or other unforeseen circumstance, representatives of the non-profit organization DX ART and the Tallinn Ballet School will take the necessary measures in the interests of the health and safety of the participant.


20. During the master classes and gala concerts, the organizers have the right to take photos and videos of participants, as well as conduct interviews. By participation in the master classes participants and their parents give consent that their photo and video materials can be used for branding and advertising purposes of DX ART at their discretion. Such use of photo and video materials is not paid (to participants).


21. The organizers are not responsible for the health state of the participants, as well as for the safety of their belongings.

22. A minor (under 18 years old) participant must not smoke, use alcohol, drugs and be in public places from 23:00 to 6:00 unaccompanied by adults from the moment he/she arrives at the master classes and until the moment he/she leaves the master classes (according to the Law on Child Protection). The participant must not do any actions that violate Estonian law. Majors are not allowed to smoke, consume alcohol beverages and drugs in the premises where the masterclasses are held as well as nearby, in the presence of minors, as well as be intoxicated at the lessons.

In case of violating the rules mentioned above, the organizers have a right to refuse the participant to continue the master classes without providing any monetary compensation to the latter.

23. Accompanying persons cannot attend master classes without the permission of the organizers and the teacher, with the exception of specially arranged open lessons. To attend a particular lesson, you must arrange with the organizers and the teacher in advance.

24. Being on the territory of the Tallinn Ballet School and other premises of the master classes, the participant of the program commits to follow the rules of conduct, in particular, to enter the hall where the classes take place prior to the beginning of the class, without being late. All participants must be on the territory of the Tallinn Ballet School throughout the training days; it is allowed to leave the premises of the school only during the lunch breaks, having informed the organizers in advance.

24.1 If a participant is late for classes repeatedly and does not adhere to the agreed rules, the organizers and teachers have the right to not admit the participant to class or send him/her home. In case of a minor participant, the incident is to be reported to the parents or guardians.

In both cases, the payment made for the masterclasses is not refundable.

24.2 If a participant has a good reason for being absent from a class or classes, or to leave earlier at the end of the day, it is necessary to inform the organizers in advance in the morning of the same day or at the earliest opportunity in case of an unexpected incident. If the participant is a minor, a parent or guardian must inform the organizers.

24.3 If the participant disturbs the class, the teacher has the right to remove the participant from it, after three notices, the organizers have the right to refuse the participant in further training and participation in the concert without any financial compensation.

25. Participant gives his/her permission to process his/her personal data given in the forms and sent to the organizers inside the organization.

26. Any questions regarding the workshops can be asked to the organizers at any time via e-mail info@tallinnballet.ee in Estonian, Russian or English.