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Confirm Your Email Address
A subscription confirmation email will be sent to your email within a few minutes. Be sure to check the "Spam" folder if there is no email. Please mind that emailing is the main way of communication with participants in our projects.
Welcome Anastasia!
Please, welcome our coordinator Anastasia and let her know that you have sent a request.
Our main chat and info channel for operational communication is in Telegram.
Parent's Consent
Before paying the registration fee, in case of participation of a minor participant (under 18 years old), you are to fill in and send us a scanned copy or a photo of the "Parental Consent".
The document for printing and filling can be found here
Pay the Registration Fee
To complete the registration and guarantee your participation, please, pay the registration fee. This can be done right now or later within 7 days from the date of the submission of the application.
Send your Videos
If you haven't done this yet while filling out the application form, please send the necessary videos. We will duplicate the criteria and deadlines by Email.