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Ballet Summer Intensive for Beginners

City-Camp Format
14 Days + 2 Gala Concerts
This programme includes 2.5 weeks of instruction, so that younger participants (ages 7-12) can experience the true lifestyle of a real dancer. In addition to classical ballet lessons, participants will also take part in two concerts, performing alongside professionals.

JULY 8 - 28, 2024
*Including days off
Last places left!
    The City Camp is offered within the framework of our professional ballet summer masterclasses (TIBM2024) and features a multilingual, international community. Teachers and staff have a command of English, Russian and Estonian.
    Ballet classes, repertoire, stretching, and other activities within the city-camp format, including museum visits, urban walks, handicrafts, workshops, and more.
    Masterclasses are taught by professional choreographers from Estonia.
    Each participant will be provided with an opportunity to perform in costumes at concerts in the capital city of Tallinn and another, to-be-announced town in Estonia.

For Those Who Are Interested in Ballet, Ballet Studio Trainees, & Candidates for Ballet Schools
Pre-School Group (Ages 7 to11)
For Those Who:
  • want to take their first steps in the ballet under tactful professional guidance
  • have a goal of entering a ballet school in the future
  • want to get stage performance experience
  • want to spend holidays in an interesting community united by a shared love of ballet
  • would like to meet real ballet dancers
  • dream about his future in dance
  • want to improve their ballet skills
  • want to feel the atmosphere of backstage
See How It Was Done In Previous Years
We have been conducting masterclasses every summer since 2017. Join us for our 8th year!

Tallinn Ballet Summer Masterclasses
June 7, 2020
We have been conducting masterclasses for since 2017, and they have become a tradition!
In the last 7 years, 260 students have passed the course.
Students from 19 different countries have passed the course, including Estonia, Russia, Japan, Portugal, Finland, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Greece, South Korea, Poland, Latvia, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, France and the USA.
Dmitry Tkachenko (Director of the non-profit organisation DX ART)
The video was recorded in August 2019 and is for advertising purposes. Please check the text on this page for the up-to-date information regarding the participants' age, accommodation, meals and other conditions.
Invitation from the Organisers
Since 2013, the non-profit organisation DX ART has developed projects in the field of classical ballet. Beginning in 2014, we have held the Tallinn International Ballet Competition, an international competition for classical ballet dancers in Estonia, as well as the Tallinn International Ballet Masterclasses, a summer intensive ballet competition, since 2017.
Programme 2024
preparatory group, ages 7 to 11
9:00 Day begins
60-75 min Ballet class
60-75 min Repertoire (staging and rehearsal of the stage choreography)
45 min Lunch break
60 min Urban walk
60 min Stretching or another additional lesson
60 min Handicrafts/creative lesson/meeting with an interesting personality/excursion. Games and free time
16:30-17:30 End of day
The last week of the programme is dedicated to rehearsals, run-throughs, costume fittings, and final preparations for the gala concerts which may take longer.

Results of the 2.5 week programme
  • Ballet classes (foundations)
  • Practical repertoire lessons
  • Stretching (foundations)
  • Group concert performance
Recommended Arrival Day: July 7 (Sunday)
Programme Begins: July 8 (Monday) at 9:00
Days Off: July 10 (Wednesday), July 17 (Wednesday), July 22 (Monday)
1st Gala Concert: July 26 (Friday) Tallinn
2nd Gala Concert: July 27 (Saturday) another, to-be-announced town in Estonia
Closing party "After Party": July 28 (Sunday), early afternoon
Recommended Departure Day: July 28 (Sunday) in the evening or July 29 (Mon)

Please note: The programme of the pre-school group coincides with the older groups' programme. Days off DO NOT COINCIDE with weekends.
  • Inna Sõrmus
    Tallinn Music and Ballet School (MuBa), Estonia - ballet classes and rehearsals
  • Dmitri Harchenko
    Tallinn, Estonia - concert director, choreographer
  • Katja Kulikova
    Participation in international projects, a third-year student of the pedagogical department of the Tartu University in Estonia, has a command of English, Russian, Estonian
  • Grigori Kisselev
    Tallinn, Estonia - Kung Fu and Self-Defence
The preliminary list of teachers presented above may change.
Confirmation of the teacher list is typically finalised by the end of May.
In addition to dance studies, we also provide cultural and entertainment programming to not only encourage bonds between participants, but also enrich their free time. Activities include an acquaintance party, a spa centre visit, sightseeing in Tallinn Old Town, visiting a dance shop, and more.

Tallinn Ballet Gala Junior
August 3, 2020
Feel the Atmosphere of Concert Day

Every participant in the three-week programme gets the opportunity to perform on stage in costume. Previous Years' Gala Concert Programmes
Preparation for the gala concert requires an abundance of work from participants, teachers, parents, organisers, and directors. The main aim of this concert is for as many people as possible to see the beauty we create, as well as for the participants to get more practice, to perfect their repertoire, and to feel more confident on stage.

Since the 2021 anniversary year, the programme of masterclasses now includes not one, but a minimum of two gala concerts: one in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, and the second in another Estonian town – a true tour!
In the Centre of Tallinn
Main studies are held in the centre of Tallinn in the spacious dancing rooms of the Estonian Dance Agency. Equipped with a ballet floor, comfortable wooden stands, and large mirrors, these rooms are not only effective, but a joy to dance in.
How to Register
Feel free to ask questions!
For some, reading through the information on the website will be enough to make a decision; for others, personal contact is crucial. If you have any questions or need to reconfirm, please get in touch with us by email or phone. We are glad to answer any questions you may have through any channel.
Fill out the application form
The application contains the initial minimal information about you to confirm your participation.

After we receive your application, we will send you additional instructions.
Pay the registration fee
The registration fee (200 euros) is the payment for our preparation period and guarantees you a place in the group.

Note that this fee is non-refundable and is part of the total tuition fee.

The registration fee is to be paid within 7 days after submitting the application form. The link to payment is generated soon after your application is sent. It is also possible to make the payment by a bank transfer. We will send you the payment guidelines by email.
preparatory group
July 8-28, 2024
16 tuition days, 2 gala concerts
one participant
Tuition fee includes:
  • group studies according to the programme;
  • counselor for the whole period of the programme;
  • group chat with counselor and organisers;
  • lunch in a café and an afternoo snack;
  • participation in gala concerts in two towns of Estonia;
  • transportation from Tallinn to another, to-be-announced town of Estonia and back to Tallinn for participants;
  • if necessary, invitation to get Estonian visa;
  • professional video recording of the concert and photos;
  • costumes for the concert performance (classical repertoire);
  • 1 invitation for the gala concert;
  • certificate of participation.

Tuition fee DOES NOT include: accommodation, board, medical insurance and any other medical expenses, additional studies not included into the programme, everyday transportation fee, transfer fee on arrival and departure days..
How to apply
The number of places in groups is limited to 15-20 people. This is necessary so that each student has enough free space in the training room, and so the teacher can pay necessary attention to him/her.

By clicking the "SEND APPLICATION" button you fully accept the Privacy Policy, along with the Rules of Participation.
Kaie Kõrb
Artistic Director
Famous Estonian prima ballerina and ballet teacher Ms Kaie Kõrb.
  • Fiya Tkachenko
    A specialist in international business administration. Engaged in management and project development within DX ART non-commercial entity framework.
    Vice-president of non-profit organisation DX ART
    Languages: English, Russian, Estonian
  • Dmitry Tkachenko
    Founder and Director of Tallinn International Ballet Competition and Summer Masterclasses.Orientalist, graduated from Moscow University. For many years has been engaged in organising cultural events, including ballet, theatre, and choir concert tours in Estonia, Russia and Japan. Ideologist and producer of Tallinn International Ballet Competition.
    Founder and President of non-profit organisation DX ART.
    Languages: English, Russian, Estonian, Japanese
  • Anastasia Wille
    Anastasia has been the TIBM participants' supervisor from the very beginning, since 2017. She speaks fluent Estonian, English and Russian, and is happy to help the participants on any occasion.
    Languages: English, Estonian, Russian

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