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Basic information TIBM2022
Groups PRE-PROF and PROF
Tallinn Ballet School
Address: Toom-Kooli 11
In this season we are planning to open three groups, which are two PRE-PROF groups and one PROF group.

You will be instructed on your group upon your registration on the spot (on the 14th of July or on the 20th of July).

Let us remind you that upon our teachers' recommendation participants can be transferred to another group after the beginning of the masterclasses, and recalculation will be made if needed.

Timetable and participation rules
Always be sure to check the timetable shortly before the day of classes, as there may be some changes resulting from the increased number of groups.

The preliminary timetable can be found on our website
Link here

  • Entrance to the school is open from 8:30. Please come to class in advance and be ready for the training on time.
  • Keep track of time during breaks (especially lunchtime) and come to rehearsal rooms in advance and on time.
  • Please note that on some days classes in older groups will end around 19:30. We advise you to take some snacks with you.

Remember that warming up before every lesson helps you to get into shape faster and to avoid pain in your muscles and traumas.

Registration days: 14th of July and 21st of July
14.07.2022 at 16:30 registration for the 3 week programme participants.

21.07.2022 at 17:00 registration for the 2 week programme participants.

At the registration we will specify all kind of information concerning your participation, receive your payment for the lunches and for your accommodation.

NB! As for those who stay at the hostel we register them at their arrival.
What to bring to class with you?
We recommend taking with you
  • a water bottle,
  • a small towel,
  • napkins,
  • ice (sold at the pharmacy in a pack, disposable or reusable),
  • patches,
  • pins,
  • cold gel (for example, "Ice Power" available at local pharmacies),
  • snacks.

The school building has locker rooms and lockers that you can use. You can leave outer clothing, shoes and other things in lockers, but we recommend that you always carry valuables with you.

What to wear: teacher recommendations
Classical dance:

Girls: required - black and white dance one-piece wear (leotard) for the performance, optional – dance one-piece wear (leotard) in different colors for classes (possible with patterns); skin tone colored or white.

Boys: two sets are required (T-shirt / T-shirt + tights) - black and light colored (white, blue, grey), optional- an additional set of a different colors for classes.

Author's Choreography:

Girls: a leotard and character dance shoes.

Boys: black (white) T-shirt, leggings / ballet tights and jazz shoes.

Author's Choreography: Anita Kurõljova
Comfortable clothing for wide movements, loose, NOT tight-fitting. You need to have a T-shirt or shirt with short sleeves and a shirt with long sleeves. Pants / leggings are required to have a below the knee length, so the knees are closed. Classes will be with different teachers, both barefoot (possible in socks, if you have strong corns, but not advisable), and in socks. For the concert, take with you black T-shirts and black leotards / leggings, black shorts / boxers, and turtleneck shirts (of black or any dark colour).

Author's Choreography:
Russell Adamson

For the performance.

Choreography 1. Boys: black tights and a black vest shown in the picture 1, plus black socks. Girls: black leotards, black tights and black socks.

Choreography 2. Black shirt and black trousers and flesh coloured ballet shoes (like you would wear in a normal ballet class).

PLEASE everyone bring both outfits. Then the teacher will decide which group is going do which choreography.

For the normal classes and rehearsals you can wear the normal practice clothes.

Additional classes:

Comfortable clothes, not restricting movement, sneakers for the inside activities (with a clean sole).

Body conditioning:
elastic tape for stretching.

In your free time, there might be a possibility to go to a pool or SPA/trip to the sea, you should take your swimming suits and a towel with you.


White dance one-piece wear (leotard) for performance, any color for classes (possible with patterns); bodysuits (tights) of skin tone or white. If you do not have any of the above mentioned items of clothing, then sports clothes for training is fine.

NB! Clothing and training shoes should be of a suitable size to avoid any possible personal injuries.
Communication and adding recipients to the TIBM2022 mailing list
During the masterclasses, we will send information and notifications:

If you want to add more recipients to this mailing list, please write their email addresses in response to this letter.

If you do not want to receive any more letters, then also let us know.

Join our Telegram channel to receive news and notifications there in a more convenient way!
Welcoming party
So that everyone can meet and make friends faster, we invite you to the festive Opening ceremony - Welcoming party.

14.07.2022 - after registration and instructions we invite to the party PRE-PROF and PROF group participants, who start their classes on 15.07.2021

21.07.2022 - after registration and instructions we invite all PRE-SCHOOL group participants

21.07.2022 - after registration and instructions we invite all PRE-PROF and PROF participants (it's worth going there for the second time, you will have an opportunity to talk to newcomers)

How to prepare

We would be very happy if you could bring treats with you – your favorite food or traditional food that can introduce you, your family or your country - you can prepare or buy something simple, but definitely tasty and reliable.

A short story about yourself is also welcome (hobbies, interests, learning expectations, etc.).

We will treat ourselves and get to know each other! Treats can be brought with you in the morning and left until evening at the school premises.

What about parents?
Parents can also come, but please inform us in advance if they are going to.
Lunches at school
This year, lunches (hot meals in lunch boxes) will take place in the dining room of the Tallinn Ballet School.

On weekdays lunch (Mon -Fri) will consist of soup, main course, fruit or dessert and a drink

On weekends (Sat, Sun) lunch will consist of main course, fruit or dessert and a drink.

The cost of one meal is 7 euros / portion.

If you have not ordered lunches yet, but would like to do it, then feel free to contact Anastasia.

If you have any allergies, please let us know as soon as possible.
The hostel is fully booked!

Due to the great number of foreign participants who stay in the hostel, all participants will share their rooms with others and stay mostly by 3 in the room.

There is no opportunity to book a room for one person!

You can ask the details about your stay from Anastasia.

This year we offer accommodation at the Academic Hostel at Akadeemia tee 11/1, which is approximately 40 minutes from the Tallinn Ballet School (door to door).

Conditions of accommodation

There are blocks of two rooms, each for two or three people, a joint kitchen, shower, toilet.

The rooms have a bed, desk, wardrobe, TV; there is free internet. The kitchen has everything you need for cooking and storing food, details on the links:

The coordinator Anastasia (main contact), who is a contact person responsible for the experience from our side, and Edward will live with the participants; they will be available to contact on all issues.

Location of the Accommodation

The hostel is located on the campus of Tallinn Technical University, where there is a library, a cafe (Rahva Toit, open from Mon to Fri from 8:30 to 15:30, Akadeemia tee 3), a pine forest for walking and jogging. Nearby there are COOP and RIMI shops (10 min walk distance) and Magistral shopping center (25 min walk distance, 10 min by public transport).

Nearby stops:
Keemia and Raja. To get to the city center (including to the Tallinn Ballet School) there is bus number 11 (get off at Vabaduse väljak, Estonia, Kivisilla stops) or trolley bus number 3 (get off at Tõnismägi, Vabaduse väljak, Estonia, Kaubamaja stops).

Accommodation price:
participant - 12,5 EUR / night in a twin room, 11 EUR / night in a triple room, adult - 15 EUR / night

Escort from the hostel
In order to get to the Tallinn Ballet School, we will use public transport (details below), and an escort will be organized from the hostel in the first days (later an adult group can travel separately).

To join the escorted group, you need to be at the reception at 7:25. Arrival at school around 8:15. Classes begin at 9:15.
Meetings of participants
We ask all foreign participants to inform us about their arrival so that our team could help you if needed. Please send the following information to this email address: anastasia@tallinnballet.ee :

• Way of travel (airplane, bus, train, ferry)
• The city from where you travel to Tallinn from,
• date,
• time,
• place,
• flight number.

We will accompany you to the place of residence, help you to settle in and conduct orientation on the ground. If you arrive by car, please inform us of the estimated time of arrival (you can write at a time of the border crossing or earlier).

Can you meet me when I arrive and accompany to the place where I'm going to leave?
Our team can meet you upon arrival and accompany to the place of your stay, help you to check in and give directions (where the shop is, how to get to school etc.).

Fee for this service is 15 eur/person.
To order the service please contact Anastasia.

If you would like someone to carry your heavy luggage please ask Anastasia to order additional service for extra fee.

Information about public transport

To travel around Tallinn, you must purchase a ticket.

In short, you will need to buy a green card for 2 euros and a 30-day ticket for 30 euros. Do not worry, we will help you buy and show how to use it.

DETAILED INFORMATION https://www.tallinn.ee/eng/pilet/Ticket-information-for-tourists
TICKET PURCHASE https://tallinn.pilet.ee/buy

Nearby stops to Academic Hostel at Akadeemia tee 11/1:

Keemia and Raja. To get to the city center (including to the Tallinn Ballet School) there is bus number 11 (get off at Vabaduse väljak, Estonia, Kivisilla stops) or trolley bus number 3 (get off at Tõnismägi, Vabaduse väljak, Estonia, Kaubamaja stops).
    Gala Concerts

    In the frame of our summer program there will be two gala concerts, one of them in Tallinn, another one in Pärnu.

    Classical dance costumes to perform on stage are provided.

    All participants will be granted 1 free invitation for each concert.
    If wished, one can purchase more tickets at the website piletilevi.ee (link cooming soon), from the organising team or on the spot (if there are free seats available).

    Concert 1
    Russian Cultural Center

    Concert 2
    Pärnu Concert Hall
    Rule of participation
    Rule of participation you agreed while applying:

    Especially pay attention to following rules:

    22. A minor (under 18 years old) participant must not smoke, use alcohol, drugs and be in public places from 23:00 to 6:00 unaccompanied by adults from the moment he/she arrives at the master classes and until the moment he/she leaves the master classes (according to the Law on Child Protection). The participant must not do any actions that violate Estonian law. Majors are not allowed to smoke, consume alcohol beverages and drugs in the premises where the masterclasses are held as well as nearby, in the presence of minors, as well as be intoxicated at the lessons.

    In case of violating the rules mentioned above, the organizers have a right to refuse the participant to continue the master classes without providing any monetary compensation to the latter.

    23. Accompanying persons cannot attend master classes without the permission of the organizers and the teacher, with the exception of specially arranged open lessons. To attend a particular lesson, you must arrange with the organizers and the teacher in advance.

    24. Being on the territory of the Tallinn Ballet School and other premises of the master classes, the participant of the program commits to follow the rules of conduct, in particular, to enter the hall where the classes take place prior to the beginning of the class, without being late. All participants must be on the territory of the Tallinn Ballet School throughout the training days; it is allowed to leave the premises of the school only during the lunch breaks, having informed the organizers in advance.

    24.1 If a participant is late for classes repeatedly and does not adhere to the agreed rules, the organizers and teachers have the right to not admit the participant to class or send him/her home. In case of a minor participant, the incident is to be reported to the parents or guardians.

    In both cases, the payment made for the masterclasses is not refundable.

    24.2 If a participant has a good reason for being absent from a class or classes, or to leave earlier at the end of the day, it is necessary to inform the organizers in advance in the morning of the same day or at the earliest opportunity in case of an unexpected incident. If the participant is a minor, a parent or guardian must inform the organizers.

    24.3 If the participant disturbs the class, the teacher has the right to remove the participant from it, after three notices, the organizers have the right to refuse the participant in further training and participation in the concert without any financial compensation.
    Anastasia Wille supervisor of Tallinn international summer ballet intensive 2021 organised in Estonia
    Anastasia Wille
    +372 5301 2273
    Languages: English, Estonian, Russian
    Anastasia Wille supervisor of Tallinn international summer ballet intensive 2021 organised in Estonia
    Edward Wille
    Coordinator assistant
    +372 5569 8567
    Languages: English, Estonian, Russian
    Dmitry Tkachenko organizer of Tallinn international summer ballet school 2021 in Estonia
    Dmitry Tkachenko
    General issues

    Founder and president of non-profit organization DX ART.
    +372 57824348
    Languages: English, Russian, Japanese
    Fiya Tkachenko co-organizer of Tallinn international summer ballet camp 2021 in Estonia for beginners and professionals
    Fiya Tkachenko
    General issues
    Vice-president of non-profit organization DX ART
    +372 58171397
    Languages: English, Russian, Estonian

    Important Addresses
    Classes and accomodation
    Tallinn Ballet School
    Address: Toom-Kooli 11
    Google maps
    Academic Hostel
    Akadeemia tee 11/1
    Google maps
    Concert 1
    Vene Kultuurikeskus

    Address: Mere pst 5, Tallinn
    Google maps
    Concert 2
    Pärnu kontserdimaja

    Address: Aida 4, Pärnu
    Google maps