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Registreerimistasu maksmine
Tallinn International Ballet Masterclasses TIBM.
Antud info on saadetud ka Teie eposti.
Kaks viisi registreerimistasu maksta:
  1. Rahvusvaheline või siseriiklik pangaülekanne MTÜ DX ART kontole. Ülekande komisjonitasu eest maksab osaleja.
  2. Kasutades meie veebilehel olevat linki krediit- või deebetkaardi ja Paypal kontoga, sel juhul ülekantavale summale lisatakse 10% komisjonitasu.

NB! Before paying the registration fee, in case of participation of a minor participant (under 18 years old), it is necessary to fill in and send us skan or photo of the "Parent's Consent".
The document for printing and filling can be found here

If you need supporting documents, for example, for a bank, please let us know.

Andmed ülekandeks:
Makse saaja: DX ART MTÜ,
Saaja pank: SWEDBANK AS
IBAN: EE21 2200 2210 5629 9055
Selgitus: TIBM2022, osaleja nimi ja perekonnanimi
(Nt. "TIBM2022, Marius Petipa")

NB! Pärast maksmist palume Teid saata kinnitus meilile payment@tallinnballet.ee

Registration Fee:
  • Guarantees a place in one of the age groups (professional or pre-professional).
  • It is taken as payment for the work of the team during the preparatory period and confirms the seriousness of your intentions.
  • It is non-refundable and is included in the total cost of participation.
  • After payment, the participant's data will be transferred to the commission to determine the age group of participation.
  • If the participant does not agree to participate in the group suggested by the selection panel, we are forced to decline your application for participation. In that case, the fee is non-refundable as well. For more details, contact the coordinator.
Rules of Participation
Privacy Policy
Defining a group
The groups are determined in May, when the bulk of applications are submitted. The definition of groups for later applications occurs in the current mode.
The commission takes into account not only the age, but also the level - both of each participant individually and in general, so that the groups are balanced. The commission consists of three professional teachers of classical dance. If the commission cannot make an unambiguous decision as to which group to send a participant to, then it sends him to the PRE-PROFESSIONAL group with the opportunity to get a raise based on the results of the first days of classes by the decision of the commission with an adjustment of the cost of participation.
Registration Fee