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3 weeks of practice within the walls of the Tallinn Ballet School under the guidance of the greatest names of the ballet world, will give you a chance to work on classical variations and modern productions and perform at gala concerts in 2 cities of Estonia.

14 JULY — 7 AUGUST 2022
Apply till 30th of May!
Masterclasses are taught by professionals - ballet stars from Estonia, Russia and Europe, following the Vaganova system and other schools of classical ballet.
Each participant will be able to perform in two concerts - in Tallinn and the resort town of Haapsalu, costumes for the performance will be provided.
Ballet classes, repertoire, pas de deux, pointe technique, author's choreography, pilates, yoga, improvisation, stretching, joint activities, gym.
Judging by the results of the masterclasses the most successful participants will be chosen to have a short- or long-term scholarships at Tallinn Ballet School.
For students of ballet schools and young professionals
Pre-professional, Professional (Ages 11 to 19)
For those who:
  • know the price of a too long rest and have serious intentions to improve their skills;
  • want to polish their repertoire and fix it during stage performance;
  • want to develop their professional skills;
  • want a successful start in the new working season 2022-2023;
  • see their professional future in Europe;
  • want to enter Tallinn Ballet School;
  • want to experience a partner dance;
  • want to know different methods of classical dance practice.
Above you can find the defined age groups for the participants of the program.

The selection panel makes the final decision based on the results of video admission. The decision may be altered during the first days of classes. In this case, both the participant's age and performance level (for each participant individually and based on the overall level of the masterclasses, to balance out the formed groups) are taken into consideration.
For younger children and for parents we have prepared something very interesting
See how it was done in previous years
We have been conducting master classes in partnership with the Tallinn Ballet School every summer since 2017 and this will be the 6th time in 2022!
Tallinn Ballet Summer Masterclasses
7th of June 2020
During five years 154 students have passed the course.
11 participants of TIBM have received an invitation for an annual scholarship at Tallinn Ballet School
During five years students from Estonia, Russia, Japan, Portugal, Finland, Ukraine, Turkey, Belarus, Greece, South Korea, Poland, Latvia, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, France and the USA have successfully passed the course.
Dmitry Tkachenko (Director of the non-profit organization DX ART)
The video was recorded in August 2019 and is for advertising purposes. Please check the text on this page for the up-to-date information regarding the participants’ age, accommodation, meals and other conditions.
Invitation from the organizers
Since 2013, the non-profit organization DX ART has been developing projects in the field of classical ballet in cooperation with the Tallinn Ballet School. Since 2014, we have been holding the only international competition for classical ballet dancers in Estonia - Tallinn International Ballet Competition, and since 2017, a summer intensive ballet competition - Tallinn International Ballet Masterclasses.
Programme 2022
classes and schedule
Registration & Welcome party: 14th of July (16:30 - 21:00)
Registration 2: 21st of July (16:30 - 21:00)
Days off: 21st of July (Thu), 28th of July (Thu), 2nd of August (Tu)
1st Concert : 5th of August (Tallinn)
2nd Concert : 6th of August (Haapsalu)
Closing party, garden party/ joint games/excursions: 7th of August (till 14:00)
PRE-PROFESSIONAL, ages 11 to 14
9:15-10:45 Ballet Class
11:15-12:00 Pointe Technique
12:15-13:15 Repertoire
13:15-14:15 Lunch Break
14:15-16:15 Contemporary Dance/ Author's Choreography
16:45-17:45 (18:45) Additional classes (on some days)

The last week of the three- and two-week programs is dedicated to rehearsals, run-throughs, costume fittings and final preparations for the gala concerts.

Check out the last year's schedule in more detail here
PROFESSIONAL, ages 15 to 19
9:15-10:45 Ballet Class
11:15-12:00 Repertoire I
12:15-13:15 Repertoire II or Pas de deux
13:15-14:15 Lunch Break
14:15-16:15 Contemporary Dance/ Author's Choreography
16:45-17:45 (18:45) Author's Choreography
Additional classes (some days)

The last week of the three- and two-week programs is dedicated to rehearsals, run-throughs, costume fittings and final preparations for the gala concerts.

Check out the last year's schedule in more detail here
Teachers of the PRE-PROF and PROF groups
Classical Dance
Preliminary List
Kaie Kõrb
Headmistress of Tallinn Ballet School, Estonia - Classical Dance, Repertoire
Viesturs Jansons
Tallinn Ballet School, Estonia- Classical Dance, Repertoire, Pas de Deux
Dmitri Harchenko
Tallinn Ballet School, Estonia - Final Gala Concert Director
Helen Veidebaum
Tallinn Ballet School, Estonia - Final Gala Concert Director Assitant
Guest Teacher
Guest Teacher

Author's Choreography and Additional Classes
Preliminary List
Marina Kesler
National Opera Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia - Author's Choreography
Helen Veidebaum
HELEN VEIDEBAUM, Tallinn Ballet School, Estonia - Contemporary Dance, Pilates
Anita Kurõljova
ANITA KURÕLJOVA, Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, Budapest, Hungary - Contemporary Dance (Floorwork)
Maria Uppin-Sarv
Tallinn Ballet School, Estonia - Yoga
Grigori Kisselev
Tallinn, Estonia - Kung-Fu and Self-defence
Peeter Karask
Tallinn, Estonia - Strength Training in a gym for boys
Sirli Hinn
Tallinn, Estonia - Physiotherapist at the Estonian National Ballet
Teachers: Find the preliminary list of teachers presented above (changes may follow).
Usually the final confirmation of the teacher list takes place by the end of May.

In addition to studies on some days we provide also cultural and entertaining programme so that participants could know each other better and pass their free time in a more interesting way (acquaintance party, visiting spa centre, sightseeing in Tallinn Old Town, shopping in a dance shop etc).
Tallinn Ballet Gala Junior
3rd of August 2020
Feel the atmosphere of the concert day

Each participant of the two- and three-week programs gets the opportunity to perform on stage in costumes.
Gala Concert Programme 2021
Gala Concert Programme 2020
Gala Concert Programme 2019
Gala Concert Programme 2018
Preparation for the gala concert requires a lot of effort, a lot of work is done by all the participants, teachers, parents, organizers, and directors for this specific moment.
The main aim of this concert is for more people to see this beauty, as well as for the participants to get more practice, to perfect the repertoire, and to feel more confident on stage.

Therefore, since the 2021 anniversary year, the programme of masterclasses now includes not one, but two gala concerts: one in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, and the second in the legendary resort town of Haapsalu - a real tour!
Venues for summer masterclasses
Additional lessons
Lunches on the training days
1st Gala Concert
2nd Gala Concert
Tallinn Ballet School the place where Tallinn international summer ballet intensive 2021 is located
Tallinn Ballet School - Tallinna Balletikool
Main studies will be held in the building of Tallinn Ballet School (Address: Tallinn, Toom-Kooli 11) which is located on the top of Toompea Hill in the heart of the historical Old Town which is included into UNESCO World Heritage List.

School's web-site
Gymclasses for boys during Tallinn international summer ballet intensive 2021 in Estonia
Additional lessons
Gym classes for boys will take place in the fitness center. It is located within a 15-minute walk from the ballet school. Additional classes are possible in the open air near the school under good weather conditions.
The spa center is also within walking distance of the ballet school.

Accomodation in hostel during Tallinn international summer ballet school 2021 in Estonia
Academic Hostel
We offer accommodation on accessible terms in the Academic Hostel (box of two rooms, each for two people, shared kitchen, shower, toilet; bed linen, kitchen utensils, TV, WiFi) in Tallinn, Akadeemia tee 11/1, this is approximately 40 minutes from the school (door to door). An adult organizer representative lives with the participants.

Cost: a single place in a double room is €12.5/night for a participant and $ 17/night for parents, accommodation for one participant alone in a double room is €25/night. Family box of two rooms for 4 people for participants and parents with kitchen and bathroom 50 €/night.
The number of spots are limited, please reserve your spot in advance.
Lunches in the Cafeteria
Lunches will be organized in the Tallinn Ballet School cafeteria on class days. Lunch boxes are provided by a restaurant that partners with the school during the school year.
Lunch consists of soup, main course, fruit or dessert, and a drink. Lunches will be organized separately on concert days.

The cost of one lunch is 7 euros / set.
Lunch can be booked at check-in.
Location in Tallinn of the second gala concert during Tallinn international summer ballet intensive 2021 in Estonia
Russian Culture Center (Vene Kultuurikeskus)
For the fifth time the final gala concert will be organised in the large hall of the Russian Culture Center located in the Tallinn city center: various theatrical performances, big concerts, festivals are often held here.
Stage dimensions: width 13.5 m, depth to the horizon - 12.2 m.
Location in Haapsalu of the first gala concert during Tallinn international summer ballet school 2021 in Estonia
Haapsalu Cultural Center (Haapsalu Kultuurikeskus)
The first of the two gala concerts will take place in the resort town of Haapsalu, western Estonia.
The participants will go there by bus from Tallinn in the morning (travel time is about an hour and a half, distance - 100 km) and will be brought back to Tallinn after the concert.
Stage dimensions: width - 12 m, depth to the horizon - 13 m.
Fill out the application form
The application includes the initial minimum information about you and demonstrates the intent to participate.


You also need to attach a video to determine the level of training and confirmation of your agreement with the rules of participation.
It is possible to send your video later.

After receiving the application, we will send further instructions.

Pay the registration fee
A registration fee of 100 euros is taken as payment for our work during the preparatory period and guarantees a place in one of the groups.

The fee is non-refundable and is included in the total cost of participation.

The fee must be paid within 7 days after filling out the application.

The link to the payment will appear immediately after you send the application. It is also possible to pay by bank transfer.

Wait for confirmation of the cost
If you haven't sent the video yet, please do so.

Usually the groups are determined by May, when most applications are submitted. The allocation for later applications occurs in the current mode.

The selection comission consists of three professional classical dance teachers. If the commission cannot make a final decision as to which of the groups to assign the participant to, it sends him / her to the PRE-PROFESSIONAL group with the opportunity to be promoted based on the results of the first days of classes by the decision of the selection commission (with cost adjustment).

Pay the remaining part of the tuition fee
By May 1, 2022, the remaining part of the participation fee must be paid (the cost of masterclasses minus the registration fee of 100 euros).

Please specify the alternative ways of payment and deferred payment options individually.
3 weeks, from July, 14th to August, 7th
per participant
2 weeks, from July, 21st to August, 7th
per participant
3 weeks, from July, 14th to August, 7th
per participant
2 weeks, from July, 21st to August, 7th
per participant
3- and 2-week Tuition fee includes:
  • groups studies according to the programme;
  • if necessary invitation to get Estonian visa;
  • participation in the Gala Concerts for 2- and 3-week programmes;
  • video recording of the concert;
  • costumes for the concert performance (classical repertoire);
  • 1 free ticket per participant for each of the gala concerts;
  • certificate of participation.

Tuition fee DOES NOT include: accommodation, board, medical insurance and any other medical expenses, additional studies not included into the programme, everyday transportation fee, transfer fee on arrival and departure days.
Application deadline is prolonged till 30th of May 2022 or till there are free places!
The number of places in groups is limited to 20-25 people. This is necessary so that each student has enough free space in the training room and the teacher can pay necessary attention to him/her.

By clicking the "SEND APPLICATION" button you fully accept the Privacy Policy, along with the Rules of Participation.
Our partners
Kaie Kõrb
Our Creative Partner
The major partner in artistic supervising is Tallinn Ballet School (Tallinna Balletikool) and personally the headmistress, famous Estonian prima ballerina Ms Kaie Kõrb.

It is the only educational institution in Estonia that trains professional ballet dancers.
Judging by the results of the masterclasses successful participants can be chosen to have a short- or long-term scholarships at Tallinn Ballet School.
Anastasia Wille supervisor of Tallinn international summer ballet intensive 2021 organised in Estonia
Anastasia Wille
Anastasia is a student of Tallinn University of technology now, works as a TIBM supervisor from the very beginning, since 2017, speaks fluent Estonian, English and Russian and is happy to help the participants upon any occasion.
+372 5301 2273
Languages: English, Estonian, Russian
Dmitry Tkachenko organizer of Tallinn international summer ballet school 2021 in Estonia
Dmitry Tkachenko
Founder and director of Tallinn International Ballet Competition and Summer Masterclasses.
Orientalist, graduated from Moscow University. During many years have been engaged in organising cultural events, among others ballet, theatre, choir concert tours in Estonia, Russia and Japan. Ideologist and producer of Tallinn International Ballet Competition.

Founder and president of non-profit organization DX ART.
Languages: English, Russian, Japanese
Fiya Tkachenko co-organizer of Tallinn international summer ballet camp 2021 in Estonia for beginners and professionals
Fiya Tkachenko
A specialist in international business administration. Engaged in management and project development within DX ART non-commercial entity framework.
Vice-president of non-profit organization DX ART
Languages: English, Russian, Estonian

PaRticipants of masterclasses in 2017-2021
🧬 Planning the masterclasses are you taking into account international situation, restrictions, border closures and existance of the flights to Tallinn?
We are constantly monitoring the situation in the world and at the moment we are enrolling participants and planning to hold the masterclasses according to the schedule.

As in 2020 and 2021 we managed to hold the masterclasses with the participation of foreign teachers and students, we think positively and hope that we are able to hold the masterclasses this summer again despite the pandemic and restrictions.

In 2020 and 2021 we had several participants from Russia and Japan. Their coming was made possible due to our request to the Police and Border Guard Department of Estonia who issued an entry permit for them as an exception. Besides, we had participants from Latvia and Belgium who didn't need special entry permits at that time.

At the present moment entering Estonia with the purpose of studies is allowed for citizens and residents of any country. Please contact us to clarify the details of your situation!

🧸 Can someone help my children to arrange a trip from / to the airport?
Yes, we can meet participants in airport, harbour or bus station and help them with the transfer to the dormitory (or hotel). The tickets for the public transport are bought immediately at the station or airport.
Therefore, there will be a person from our side, who will stay with the participants at the hostel during all master-classes. We will make sure that everything is okay and help them with any issues.
📆 Could you, please, share some more information about how the days are organised, and how they will be taken care of? Did you have foreign participants of this age before without parents, staying in the hostel?
"About the every-day organisation of the course.
From our experience, we can say that usually participants get up at 7:00-7:30 am and at 8:00-8:15 we all start heading to the Tallinn Ballet School. The first days we go all together - coordinator for our side is helping them and showing the way, but usually on the following days participants start to be more independent and go to the school on their own. However, coordinator is ready to accompany them everyday if needed.

The ballet school is located in about 40 min distance from the dormitory where participants stay: we use public transport. And since our main venues are located in the city centre it is secure for them to travel alone there and back. We will explain everything to them at the very first day, show them around and they will get a kit with the information about the locations and transport they can use. There are at least 2 supermarkets near the dormitory, so participants will be able to buy food and all necessary things and food they need before and after the classes.

School opens at 8:30 am and participants will be busy there all day (until 6 or 7 pm). We also organise lunches during the class days (advance booking and extra fee - 7 eur per meal). After participants continue their classes at the school.

On the first day after the classes coordinator is helping participants with the transfer to the dormitory: showing the way and explaining how to get to the shops etc. Once a coordinator is sure that participants know the way back home, on the following days we let them walk in the Old Town or visit Shopping Centres after the classes. We can also provide the participants in the dormitory with the board games so they will not be bored, but usually after the planned classes we do not force participants to stay at hostel or take part in the activities they are not interested in, they are more or less free to walk in the city (we give out the maps, contact information etc) or rest in the rooms. Moreover, we are always open to their ideas and ready to support them. So if they want to go one day to the Tallinn Zoo, for example, we can try organise that trip. "
🛏 Could you confirm that Student A will share room with Student B?
Yes, we can confirm that we will do our best to make it possible. If our participants are coming to Tallinn together and would like to live together, we always try to arrange that opprtunity. The hostels we choose usually have bedrooms for 2 or 3 people. So far it was not a problem to arrange that.
💶 What are the approximate expenses for 3 weeks?
General costs consist of three parts: your flight to Tallinn and back home + tuition fee + related expenses:

Related expenses for 3 weeks (see the exact number of days and nights in this year's program):

Accommodation in the dormitory: 12,5 eur*23 night = 287,50 eur
Lunches: from 7 eur*19 days = from 133 eur
Board (breakfasts, dinners and day off lunches) in their own: from 10 eur per day* 25 days = 250 eur
Transport card (tram, bus, trolleybus): month fee 23 eur + deposit 2 eur
Taxi on arrival and departure days: 2*10 eur = 20 eur
Joint programme: from 20 eur
Pocket money: from 30 eur

Total: additional costs are from ~760 eur.

This means that if one aged 15-17 comes for three weeks he or she can spend around 2000-2300 eur but tak into account that tuition fee and air tickets are cheaper when booked in advance.
💶 What are the conditions for cancellation and refund?
The participant can return the paid cost minus the non-refundable registration fee and bank commission.
If notified 31 days or more before the first day of the general programme - 100% refund.
If notified 15-30 days before the first day of the general programme - 70% refund.
If notified 8-14 days before the first day of the general programme - 50% refund.
If notified 1-7 days before the first day of the general programme - 20% refund.
Upon notification on the first day of programme and later, the paid cost will not be refunded.
See more in the Rules of Participation
💶 Are there any possibilities to reduce everyday expenses in Tallinn?
Yes there absolutely are. If you have an ISIC student card, or other documentation in English that proves your student status. it allows you to get discounts on many services and goods in Tallinn (for example, public transport, lunch in a cafe and etc.)
🛏 How safe is to live in a hostel in Tallinn as a nonresident / foreign child?
In our experience, none of the hostel residents had experienced any difficulties.
Tallinn is a small city and is a relatively safe place in Europe. To feel more confident, we advise you to make friends with other participants in the summer master classes. Many of them are locals. Also, in case of questions, any requests or problems, you can contact the coordinator or volunteers of the master classes. All necessary contact details, incl. telephone numbers and important addresses will be given to all participants, we advise you to have this information with you at all times.
✈️ In case I arrive later than planned and will not be on time for the first day of classes, would organizers still meet me at the airport?
If possible, the best option would still be to arrive prior to the morning of the first day of classes, even if your arrival will take place late the night before. If this is no way possible, then come as soon as you can and let us know the details in advance. We are ready to meet you whenever you arrive.
✈️ Due to a layover, I will be arriving in Tallinn after 21:00. Is it okay that I arrive so late? Will you be able to meet me?
You can arrive at any time, we can meet you at the airport if needed even if the arrival time is late at night. Anything can happen with transfer flights, but don't worry about your arrival time in Tallinn. We track the arrival time of your flight, even if there is a long delay, we will still meet you. For you to be less worried, we can exchange contacts in any of the messengers, and be in touch.
🧸 Will an adult accompany the participants on the first day of the course?
On the first day of the masterclasses, the coordinator accompanies the children to ballet school and back. Further, on the following days, participants can choose their own ways of getting to the school: either with a coordinator, or on their own, if they remember the road. This is decided by prior agreement.
🛏 Could you please tell me if the participants will return to the hostel from the ballet school at late hours?
Typically, participants return to the dorm after class between 18: 00-20: 00. It should noted that in July and August in Tallinn it is light outside until about 21: 30-22: 00. The last week of classes stands apart - it will be devoted to rehearsals, preparation for the concert, trying on costumes, most likely, in the last few days before concerts, the participants will stay at the ballet school until late hours, in which case the coordinators will organize a snack and accompany the children to the dorm themselves or call a taxi.
🧸 Can someone help the children to get from the airport to the dorm?
We can meet the participants in the airport, harbour or bus station and are helping them with the transfer to the dormitory (or hotel). The tickets for the public transport are bought immediately at the station or airport.
Therefore, there will be a person from our side who will stay with the participants at the hostel during all master-classes. I will make sure that everything is okay and help them with any issues.
🧸 Is it obligatory for the guardian / parent to accompany the child to Tallinn?
We do not require a parent or guardian to accompany the child to Tallinn if the parent or guardian believes that the child is able to independently travel to Tallinn and then back. One has only to clarify the rules for the departure of minors from your country and the rules of the transport company that organizes the flight to Tallinn, and also inform us of the arrival details so that we can meet the participant upon arrival.
📅 I would like to learn and contemporary dance, will there be such classes?
Yes, there are contemporary classes are planned to be part of the masterclasses. The final schedule will be available in May-June, but in the afternoon we always have contemporary classes, where performance numbers learned in class also become a part of the concert program.
📅 Is there any required selection process in order to take part in summer master classes?
Currently, there is no compulsory selection process. All participants are required to send a video and photo in advance as part of their registration form in order to pre-assess the level and properly distribute them into groups.
📸 I have a photo, but not a video. Do I have to send a video?
If you are in a pre-school group, you can be admitted by not attaching a video to your registration form.However, in to be a part of other groups, the video is required.
📸 How soon can I get to know the results after sending the video?
The results of the group distributions will be sent to the participants in late April or early May, when the selection pannel of teachers will determine the average level of each group and distribute the participants. Groups will be formed by age and level of training. The wishes of the participants can also be taken into account, and in the first days of the class, the participant can be transferred to another group based on his/her level of preparation (taking into account the cost adjustment)
📅 How to know if you are the "right" age to participate in Tallinn International Ballet Masterclasses?
The approximate age groups are the following: pre-professional 11-14 years, the professional 15-18 years old. Along with the age, the participant's abilities are also taken into account. If you are older or younger than the indicated ages, your participation may be considered based on your background and professional skills.
💊 If I get sick? If my child gets sick during the masterclasses? Will him/her receive help with going to the doctor? Will he/she be able to attend classes?
About the problems with health: we have had some cases when participants have fallen ill. We usually bring them to see the doctor and they prefer to stay at the dormitory the next day. Usually it is me (Anastasia) who is accompanying them to the hospital and back, I also keep them under control the following days and notify teachers about that situation. They are allowed to watch the classes or do as much as they can. I hope that Vendula will be fine and will not get a flu, but we are ready for any situation that can happen. We will have a first aid kit in the dormitory and at the ballet school. I also would ask you to make sure that Vendula has and takes with her European Insurance Card. More information: https://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=559
✈️ Will it be possibly required to need an invitation to enter Estonia / Schengen zone (at the airport of Tallinn, Helsinki or another city crossing the borders of a Schengen country)? Is it obligatory to have an invitation on hand during the trip?
Yes, upon request, we prepare and send an invitation electronically in English. It should be printed out and presented at passport control at the airport at the request of the border guard.
✈️ If Estonia introduces restrictions on the entry of foreign citizens, is it still possible to take part in summer masterclasses?
It depends on the specific situation, it is difficult to predict, but in 2020 and 2021 we had the following experience: some participants with our help sent a request to the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, attaching our invitation. In result, they were given special permission to enter Estonia. However, this did not relieve them from the requrenment of a mandatory 14 day self-isolation upon entry to the country.
📅 Wondering if it's acceptable to attend for 10 days. If she attends only two weeks, is that possible for her to join in the performance? The performance means a lot for her, so if she cannot join, she may change her plan and will stay shorter.
We don't promise a stage performance only to those who come only for one week, as it's a too short period. But if Rinsen Iwakami comes for 2 weeks (or 10 days, as an exception), she will be invited for a stage performance.
💶 What are the payment details? Can you send bank account number for the transfer?
We will send payment information after receiving the application.

There are two ways to pay for the participation: either by international bank transfer (you can use the Transferwise system), or with credit/debit card and Paypal account.

If you need an specific bank account number to make the transfer, please let us know. Also note that any possible additional bank and other fees associated with the transfer are paid by the participant.You can make payment using the following details:
Beneficiary name: DX ART MTU
Beneficiary's bank: SWEDBANK AS
IBAN: EE212200221056299055
In the column for the purpose of payment, it is necessary to indicate the name and surname of the participant, as well as the word "TIBM20 __" (year of the masterclasses).
💶 What are the following steps after paying the registration fee?
What is the total amount and how should it be paid?
After paying the registration fee, we will inform you when the amount has been received, as well as inform to which group you have been assigned based on the results of the video selection. Then, by the end of April, you will need to pay the remaining amount.
📅 Could you tell us which teachers will be teaching this age group this year?
Usually preliminary information about the teachers becomes available in spring, however the final confirmation of the list of teachers happens at the end of May. We send more detailed information to registered participants via email.
💶 Can you pecify the food cost in more detail?
In our materials, we indicate the average living costs in Tallinn, including food, which start from approcimately 20 euros / day. Lunches on class days can be ordered from us (one lunch costs about 7 euros per person), and as for breakfasts and dinners, as well as lunches on weekends, participants from other countries / cities prepare their own food by buying groceries in a supermarket nearby the hostel. Another option is to order takeaway food or go to a cafe / restaurant.
🛏 What is the living condition of the hostel we will be staying in? Do I need to bring something with me to Tallinn for a comfortable stay?
Accommodation in a hostel is in two-room blocks with a kitchen and a bathroom, in a room for two people. The hostel provides bed linens (one pillow and one blanket per person), one large towel; the kitchen is well equipped (fridge, kettle, microwave oven, stove, dishes for 4 people), there is also a TV and free WiFi. If the child may need something specific, you can bring it with you. Next to the hostel there is an area with a washing machine and a dryer, which can be used for a small fee.
🛏 Do you also have other minor foreign participants of this age without parents in the hostel?
Every year the situation is different, however in our experience, every year we had minor participants, and they almost always lived in a hostel.
📅 My daughter is 12 years old. She has the talent and a lot of experience in participating in various training programs, for her it will be more interesting to get into a professional group. Is it possible?
Yes it is possible. The selection pannel makes a decision of group distributions based on the submitted videos. The final decision can also be changed in the first days of classes, based on the student's performance and the overall group dynamic. In this case, not only age is taken into account, but also the level - both of each participant individually and the general one, so that the groups are balanced.
💡 Is it possible to entrol in Tallinn Ballet School based on the results of participation in summer master classes? Will there be an available scholarship? Is it possible to enter the school by paying the tuition fee?
The Tallinn Ballet School is the co-organizer of the summer master classes, which take place in its premises. Some of the teachers at the master classes are full-time teachers of the TallinnBallet School. One of the teachers, artistic director of the master classes, is the director of the Tallinn Ballet School, Kaye Kirb. If participants are interested in studying at a ballet school, they can speak directly with the principal about their intention to enroll, or contact the coordinators to be introduced to the principal. At the same time, the right to enroll in the Tallen Ballet School, as well as the right to provide certain conditions of admission, remains with the board of the school, which includes the director.
🌏 Could you tell us which countries are the participants coming from?
From 2017 to 2021, we had participants from Estonia, Russia, Japan, Finland, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Portugal, Belgium, Turkey, Korea, Poland, Greece, USA.
🌏 In which language the lessons are held?
The master classes use 3 languages - Estonian, English and Russian. The organizers and most of the teaching stuff are fluent in all three languages. However, there are also such teachers - as a rule, invited from other countries, who speak only Russian or only English. If the participant does not speak the language in which the teacher is conducting the lesson, it may be necessary to obtain the information by observing other students, although the terms of classical ballet come from French and sound the same in different languages.If the teacher has any specific comments for the participant who does not speak the same language, our assistants will help with translation after the lesson. The coordinators are fluent in all three languages, so you can contact them if you have any questions.
If necessary, we can provide an interpreter for an additional fee.
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Anastasia Wille